New for marine
and yachting

MARINE MOBILE DIFFUSION represents manufacturers and propose an alternative commercial approch.
Many advantages for installers as well as for partner manufacturers...


MARINE MOBILE DIFFUSION acts in the domain of equipment supply to building yards, to their subcontractors and to maintenance companies bringing them a custom-made sales solution.

MARINE MOBILE DIFFUSION is a compagny offering externalized or supplementary sales services. They propose promoting manufacturer’s products or assisting their sales departments to consolidate sales turnover and develop new markets.

HAPPY BUSINESS DEVELOPPEUR, is an innovative win-win business concept offered with conviction and pleasure. The spirit of teamwork within a human-sized structure. An unique service for the benefit of manufacturers and installers. The offer of technical expertise and know-how well recognized in the sector.


A reliable win-win solution for manufacturers and their customers through the practice of right pricing.

A specific service in response to problematic issues and market evolutions.

High quality products with priority for french and european manufacture.

A selection of non-competing but complementary ranges.

Solutions for conventional stocking to garantee an overall offer.


On the ground (France and French Territories) with targeted customers and other prescribers.
At specialist exhibitions.
At the heart of professional networks.
With product training.

Through imagining together the best process
for the development of a range in response to market expectations.

Whilst assuring an efficient monitoring of the competition.
Through operating also in the domain of mobile (manufacturing and transformation of professionnal  and leisure vehicles).

Richard Demeule

It is through his attraction to the marine environment that Richard chose military schools and the Marine Nationale. He builds a strong experience in both river and sea areas. And since then over more than 20 years, he is operating as a negotiator of technical equipment in the maritime domain.

His motto: “Do things with conviction, responsibility and good humour”.

Eric Lerendu

On the water from the age of 2, Eric has always navigated… From building to refitting boats, his passion for the sea has never left him. His professional journey: more than 20 years in the professional maritime and nautical domains, crisscrossing roads along the french carribean coasts meeting the actors in the sector.

A meaningful quotation for him: Because we can’t change the wind we must adjust the sails”, Eric Tabarly.


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